Pacific Rim : for Netflix the conquest of Asia is done by robots !






Netflix announced the development of a new series adapted from Pacific Rim. The goal for Netflix is to strengthen its grip on the international scene because, remember, Pacific Rim is a bit of the history of robots unloved Americans.

If the first film of the saga, Pacific Rim, was awarded a suite that has absolutely not been with his country of birth, and no one had really planned this flop. Released in 2013 and directed by Guillermo del Toro it was reported on american soil the meager sum of $ 101 million, while its production had cost $ 190 million. Luckily, his reception at the international all caught up. With a total of over 410 million dollars.

And history repeats itself with the second component, Pacific Rim : Uprising of Steven S. DeKnight, released on march 21. Its budget of 150 million dollars was not enough to convince the Americans : only 59 million in revenue on the domestic and 290 million internationally with, for a great saviour, China (99 million). It is very far from the huge success of the blockbuster Black Panther released just a month before (14 February) and which was reported in the Americas alone $ 700 million.


When still more rhymes with a big flop

The battle that rages in the film, Guillermo del Toro is going on in 2020. During the second attack of the Kaiju, it follows the story of Raleigh Becket, a pilot traumatized by the death of his brother and of his young recruit, an orphan Mako Muri.

Pacific Rim : Uprising opens 10 years after on a world that was rebuilt, introducing new characters. One discovers the half-brother of Mako Muri, Jake and Amara Namani a young woman who has made her own Jaeger. More question of the Kaiju in this movie : the protagonists seek to repeal a law in china that would make the Jaeger obsolete.


Youpiiiiii, the decepticons cheapos are back !


The recipe for success for Pacific Rim, Netflix has can be found. The series will return at the time of the battle between the Kaiju, alien creatures out of a breach of inter-dimensional near the geological fault of the Pacific Ocean, and Jaeger, robots created by man to fight. This time no question of a series with robots doped to the synthetic images, Netflix provides for an animated series !

We will follow again the quest of two people : a brother, an idealist and his sister a little naive forced to pilot a Jaeger through a hostile campaign in order to find their parents missing.


Mode credible enclanché


And the giant, the streaming does not stop there : Netflix announces the development of at least three other series adaptation. Altered Carbon series of SF Netflix (including the season 2 is already in production) will expand its universe, and explore new elements of his mythology through a series of animation.

Has the honor also, the feudal Japan in a series named Yakuse where you will follow the adventures of a samurai in retirement and a child that he will protect from the dark forces. Finally, the platform streaming will lead the story of a young woman facing the universe of criminal and supernatural of Manila, the series adapted from the comicbook philippine Trese by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo.


Cailee Spaeny


Netflix entamme so a parade muscular to conquer Asia. Ted Sarandos, head of content for Netflix, explains the importance of this continent :

“Asia is the home of the greatest creations in the world, it produces some of the movies and series the most compelling of the time. The beauty of Netflix is that you can go back to original stories, south Korean, thai, japanese, indian, taiwanese, or anywhere else, and easily connect with Asia and the world. We are confident about the productions asian to come, they will find their fans in their own country and abroad”.

All we can say to that is that we are going to prepare the Pop-corn !

Joel Kinnaman in Altered Carbon (S1)

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