Paedophile: Michael Jackson a-t-he married a child of 10 years?

Pédophilie: Michael Jackson a-t-il épousé un enfant de 10 ans?

In the documentary “Leaving Neverland, which raise the charges of pedophilia against Michael Jackson, an alleged victim of the star said to have “married” in a fake marriage, then he was only ten years old. James Safechuck has also explained that Michael Jackson offered him often the jewelry for sex.

A new testament to the unsettling adds to the already long list of accusations of pedophilia against Michael Jackson. In the documentary “Leaving Neverland, which gives voice to two alleged victims, James Safechuck claims to have married the star… then he was only ten years old.

The alleged victim explained that of course, this marriage was fictitious. But it would be well rendered in a jewelry store with the king of pop to choose an alliance in 1989.

They had also been seen in this shop in Simi Valley, California.

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The “false wedding ceremony” was to take place in the bedroom of Michael Jackson. “We had written the vows, to say that we would be linked forever. It was very nice. And the ring was pretty. It has a row of diamonds, a small gold ring”, explains the now forty-something woman who guarded the jewel.

And it would seem that this purchase to the jewelry store is not the only one he has done with the star. The interpreter of Bad had, according to his alleged victim, the habit of offering jewelry in exchange for sexual acts.

“We were going to buy them in jewelry shops, and were told that it was for someone else, for a woman. It was said that my small hand was the same size as that of the woman that it was meant for”, he remembered facing the camera in this documentary, broadcast in several parts on an american channel HBO.

This film, directed by Dan Reed is a very controversial one. The singer with millions of fans around the world, has long faced accusations of pedophilia, without ever being sentenced. A good number of its followers refute all the accusations that are brought in this documentary.

Some French fans were also attacked in court the two alleged victims who testify in Leaving Neverland, which will soon be aired in France on M6.

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