Painful friction of the thighs : 5 tips and tricks to avoid

Frottements douloureux des cuisses : 5 astuces pour y remédier

Heat, sweat, skirt : here is a combination of three factors dreaded by a large number of women. The friction of the thighs and the irritation is very painful that it causes is still a taboo subject, discussed in a low voice with her friends. But the resistance is organized and the women are bursting with inventiveness and tricks to combat these little problems !

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Stop to popular belief !

All women can suffer from the friction and not only those with overweight, as is too frequently. The famous “ mermaid thighs ” (thighs of the sirens) are, above all, a matter of morphology. Young very thin women can have thighs that touch and suffer in the same way as the other.

Heat + sweat + friction = pain

It is horrible!!! ” exclaims Anne-Sophie, 33 years old. Emily, his girlfriend of the same age, confirms : “I have long suffered in silence. And I know I’m not the only one ! “. The explanation to this phenomenon is simple. In normal times, the friction of the thighs is not a problem. But when the mercury climbs, the skin sweats and the conjunction “friction/heat” will create a painful area and a warm-up close to a burn.

Walking becomes so unbearable and can even cause cracks. The most important is so now this area of ” dry ” and avoid at all costs that it will not ooze. So what to do ? To store the skirts in the closet waiting for the winter ?

Solutions that work

The women who endure this ordeal for several years often have a wealth of advice and tips to share. A little diy, good sense, and above all, a cream effective help to remedy this pain and regain a smooth skin.

  • The cyclist or the shorties under the skirt

No suspect, and yet many women hide under their skirts a shorty or a cyclist. The difficulty is that this can quickly to keep warm ! So do the choosing, preferably a model of sport in a tissue mild anti-perspiration. And for those who would like to join the useful to the comfortable, there are models gainants.

  • The cream

Ines, 37 years old, swears by the cream Bariéderm from Uriage. “And in addition to my thighs are soft !” she adds. This barrier cream protective will act as a bandage and protect the skin from friction. It should be applied generously and rub. Attention, however, it is quite oily and may stain. It must, therefore, leave it to dry before dressing ou…de sit on a couch ! The barrier cream to the oatmeal in A-derma is the same way and form an isolating film. Another cream is popular, the cream Nok in Akiléïne. Usually recommended for athletes before a competition to protect against blisters, it is also very effective on the thighs before a stroll by the sea under the summer sun !

  • The talc

After having suffered for years, Celia, 35 years old, has found the miracle solution : “The talc it is messy, but beneficial !” Talc blocks the sweat, but yet it is not as effective as creams because its effect wears off quickly.

  • Vaseline

This ointment miracle has multiple applications and is also an ally of choice in the case of a friction sore thighs. It is not going to create a protective barrier, but will hydrate the skin and allow the thighs to slide instead of rub.

  • The dry oil monoi

Nourishing and moisturizing, the dry oil monoi has also proven its worth. Its little more ? It feels divinely good.

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