Paparazzi unaware of the new Hollywood novel

Папарацци подозревают о новом голливудском романе

Maybe Justin Theroux and Emma stone started Dating.

Actors Emma stone and Justin Theroux leave the after party after the Met Gala 2018, according to the with reference to Viva.

After Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux have stated about the divorce, fans do not have time to follow the personal lives of your favorite actor. Western tabloids and then credited to Justin new novels. This time the actor was suspected of a relationship with 29-year-old Emma stone.

According to eyewitnesses, throughout party after the Met Gala in new York club Up& Down Club Theroux and stone were flirting with each other.

“Emma and Justin would not leave each other. All the time whispering and giggling. At the same time, Theroux openly flirted with the stone. And at the end of the party together, they left the event on the car Justin,” said the insider.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first meeting actors. Recently they filmed while walking around Manhattan.

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