Paris froze in anticipation of the protest: the Louvre and Eiffel tower are closed

Париж замер в ожидании акции протеста: Лувр и Эйфелева башня закрыты

On Saturday, December 7, in Paris, planned new mass protests “yellow jackets”, but this time the authorities have taken enhanced security measures. To ensure Order in Paris will involve about 8 thousand police officers, and on some streets there will be armored vehicles of the gendarmerie. In particular, they can bring on the Champs Elysees and Concorde.

Only the capital of France identified 14 sectors where the participants can try to organize riots. Owners of shops and restaurants located in these sectors, encouraged in advance to prepare for possible riots by closing glass Windows wooden palachami.

It is noted that before the start of Saturday’s rally in Paris police arrested 278 of the protesters.

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