Paris : Kim Kardashian attacked by armed men in a hotel

Paris : Kim Kardashian attaquée par des hommes armés dans un hôtel

The events took place on Sunday 2 October in a palace in Paris. Kim Kardashian was in her hotel room when five individuals dressed as police, stormed.

These armed and masked men had overpowered the night watchman, before entering the chamber of the star who was in Paris for Fashion Week.

They were held at gunpoint, tied, and locked them up in the bathroom before ransacking the house and leaving without force.

The criminals walked away with a prize of 10 million euros of jewellery.

“She is really knocked out, but, physically, she is unharmed,” said the spokesman of the star.

Warned in the middle of a concert while he was performing in New York city, Kanye West, her husband, apologized to the public and has immediately left the scene.

A charge of the festival then explained that the singer was party due to a “family emergency”.