Passed away American actor Burt Reynolds

Ушел из жизни американский актер Берт Рейнольдс

Thursday, September 6, at the 83rd year of life died a famous American actor Burt Reynolds.

Hollywood veteran Burt Reynolds is hospitalized in Florida with a heart attack, but efforts of doctors were vain.

In recent years Reynolds had problems with health. In 2010, he underwent heart surgery.

The peak of popularity of Burt Reynolds was in the 70s and 80s. He has starred in many cult films and is remembered as a consummate comedian.

Among his best works are such paintings as “Night Boogie”, “Switching channels”, “Striptease” and others. Reynolds is also a remember of the trilogy “Smokey and the bandit”, which was the cult in the era of the salons.

Reynolds had cigratte in film in Hollywood, Quentin Tarantino, unfortunately, now these plans will not materialize. The actor won two awards Golden globe and Oscar nominee for the Night Boogie.

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