Passengers, who saved the fallen in the path of a blind man, was awarded (PHOTO)

Пассажиров, спасших упавшего на пути слепого мужчину, наградили  (ФОТО)

Three passengers TTC was awarded for what, quickly realizing immediately went to the aid of a blind man, fallen from the platform. Toronto mayor John Tory has invited the saviors to the city hall. Tori called the case “extraordinary” and “an example”, as is customary in Toronto, and then handed the Presto card with free service for one year.

Kyle Basquin and Jehangir Faisal was in the train station, when on June 28 at one of the stops – Broadview heard a cry for help. The incident occurred at 3pm.

Earlier it was reported that Basquin jumped off the platform and two other men ran after him. However, it turned out that jumping Basquin and Faisal together. They got blind as soon as possible, worrying that another train can come to this platform.

The man fell off the platform and seeing nothing, thought I broke my leg.

“It happens so fast that you don’t even have time to think about it. Just do it,” explained Faisal.

Julie Caniglia, which made the rescue and has published in social networks, accompanied by a story of what happened, asked people to share the post, because the guys in the pictures – heroes and people should know them in person. It was shared tens of thousands of times.

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