Patrick Quintal leaves the Double Sign

Big news in the Sherbrooke theater world: after 33 years as Artistic Director of the Double Sign Theater, Patrick Quintal left his post to devote himself to writing and theatrical creation.

“It’s a difficult and painful decision to leave this company and team that I’m so attached to. I am facing the unknown with a strange feeling of starting from scratch. It’s both exhilarating … and terrifying, “he said in a statement sent Wednesday.

At the Th??tre du Double signe (which Patrick Quintal founded with Laurence Tardif in 1985), the news created a small earthquake.

“We lose a big piece. Patrick is an important theater man, and not only in the region. I always said that I had met the best. He is an extraordinary human being! His openness, his way of creating and putting teamwork at the heart of the process, his way of mobilizing everyone, all this has been very promising for all these years. He founded the Double Sign workshops. It is a formula that fits well with his way not at all elitist to see the art of the stage. Around him, he generated a lot of talent and passion for the creation, he was determining in the development of the theater “, express the general director of the Theater of the Double sign, Lilie Bergeron.

Nicole Leblanc and Louise Portal

During his three decades at the helm of the artistic direction of the Sherbrooke institution, Patrick Quintal created 25 shows and signed 13 texts (including Baba Yaga, 100% human, Mowgli ). He played in a dozen plays and put nine on stage (which I did not think would be sweet ).

His Kraken piece , which was also produced in Italy, won him the Yves Sauvageau Prize in 1989 and his touching creation On the Edge of the Window, a tiny dog ??in flames , in which he shared the stage with Nicole Leblanc , was nominated for the Mask of the Public.

He has been a recipient of the Canada Council for the Arts and Letters and the Canada Council for the Arts. He has also received the CALQ Prize for Creation in Estrie. In his most recent creation, L’?le aux Sabots (2016), he played alongside actress Louise Portal.

“It was a text that conveyed depth and poetry, one felt a great maturity of writing. Patrick has always been a driving force of creation, he still has a lot to say and to offer to the theatrical chapter “, emphasizes Mrs. Bergeron. This will ensure the transition until the CA announces the plans for the future.

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