Paul Lavoie second in the Quebec Cup

GRANBY – Paul Lavoie is at the top of his game and he intends to take advantage of it. He finished second in a Quebec Cup event at Magog, Trimemphré, in the Sprint Sprint event, before heading to Quebec City to participate in his first career off-road triathlon.
“Saturday’s triathlon (in Magog) had a special format. We were entitled to sillonnage. It means we can follow each other. It’s a different strategy, I’m not used to that, “says Granbyen.

Normally, cyclists do not have the right to follow each other to benefit from the aspirations of the competitors in front of them. They can get penalty minutes if they are caught following too closely. To spare their legs, triathletes take more time, while being fast.

This time, since the sillonnage was allowed, they tend to give everything to not have too many people around them. “The heart rate is going up as never before. I am less used to that. It was a great experience to try another strategy. ”

So after a swim without a hitch, Lavoie went to his bike, on which he cycled at full speed.

“The one who finished first, Samuel Côté, and I managed to escape the peloton. Behind us, there was a platoon of about 10 cyclists. Then, in the race, we were side by side for the first three kilometers. Then he made a push and, since I drained my legs on the bike, I could not follow him. ”

He still finished his sprint triathlon with 1: 3: 14, 16 seconds behind the leader.

Goal: to finish first

Since the beginning of the season, the 26-year-old Granbyen has competed in another Sprint Quebec Cup event, without crisscrossing this time in Drummondville, while composing with a sprained ankle. He was on the second step of the podium despite his injury.

He still has a race to do to have an official ranking, and it will happen in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield on August 17.

“There is a pointing system,” says Paul Lavoie. I only do the races that give the most points, but the level is much stronger in those races. ”

His goal of the season? “Win in the general classification. With the training I did all winter and spring, I’m at the top of my form and it seems in my races. I know I can finish first. ”


And as if a competition during the weekend was not enough, he participated for the first time in a short triathlon off road, the Xterra of Quebec. He had never been on a mountain bike until July 8th.

He was the second out of the water of Lake Delage and it was on the mountain bike that had been lent him that it spoiled for him.

“In the climbs, I’m able to push in power, but as soon as it was technical or downhill, I was on the brakes. At the first wooden bridge, I even hovered over my bike, he says assuring that he is not injured. The first lap was difficult, I put the foot down often because it was technical. It’s another world. This is the first time since I have been focusing on endurance sports that I feel destabilized. ”

Paul Lavoie was fifteenth when he started running on the trails, a discipline he has been practicing officially since last fall. In a few months, he gained a lot of experience in the trails. He managed to climb up the rankings to finish eighth.

He is interested in the Xterra de Tremblant, but promises to be more prepared, including having a bike adjusted to its size.