People on the verge of a revolution in food

Люди на грани революции в еде

The doctor says that people on the verge of a revolution in nutrition. Future diets will be dictated by the “sensory devices embedded in the skin,” he Morgan gay (Morgaine Gaye).

People will be equipped with a “touch device built into the leather” to calculate your optimal diet. The expert believes that high-tech monitors will be programmed to account for genetic background and any pre-existing diseases. Also the sensors will track the respiration and biometric parameters to determine what minerals and vitamins you need every day.

The increased attention to individualized health put an end to the culture of diet “one for all” – everything that we consume will be based on need, and the dishes Packed the appropriate minerals, vitamins and even bacteria, says Dr. Gaye.

“In the future when every person will check your personal DNA and microbiome, individual dietary requirements will be extremely specific and detailed, and will become increasingly important that the food was adapted to this,” she says.