Performing at the FIRM: Sylvain Cossette on the road of the 1980s

Every time he starts a project, Sylvain Cossette puts a damper on his expectations. For The 80s tour, his most recent initiative, he left with the idea of ​​holding about twenty performances. However, since the fall, the singer has presented this show 72 times, a number to which must be added the 34 dates selected for the 2019-2020 season, as well as the summer portion with 12 stops.
“It’s enormous. I left that humble, but I felt it was going to work. When you’re nostalgic, you mostly remember beautiful things. Myself, I find it fun to go back to that time, “he said a few days ago during a telephone interview with The Daily. The 1980s are dear to his heart, indeed. It was at this moment that his career took his place in the Paradox group.

The resumes of the success of the moment, it was his bread and his butter and precisely, they form the heart of The tour 80s, during which one hears about 40 extracts. The initial choice was difficult, as the artist had identified 125 titles worth reproducing. Very attached to those who have survived, he still wants to energize the show by introducing novelties, even if staying on stage longer.

“Our mandate requires us to do 90 minutes, but how hard it is to remove things. We play for 1h 45. I speak a little less than in the regular version and I arrange for it to move. That’s why, among other things, I’ve integrated pieces like Phil Collins’ Easy Lover and Romantics Talking In Your Sleep. I feel that people come to party, “said Sylvain Cossette, who has also been offering a Queen medley for a few months.

His next visit to Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean will take place on August 2nd, at 9 pm, in the Chicoutimi Port Zone. The place is familiar and this time it will come as part of the International Rhythms of the World Festival. “This is a beautiful site that is close to the city center. Already, when we come to settle in the afternoon, we find it pretty. I have great memories of this place, “says the singer.

All we have to wish him is a milder weather than in Alma a few weeks ago. Invited to participate in the musical part of Festirame, Sylvain Cossette lived a night of hell. “It was the disaster. It was raining. There were lightning. Nevertheless, we played as if there were a million people. We did it for the volunteers of the festival and for the brave ones who were still there, “he says.

As for the next things, it will be precise at the end of the summer tour. The success is at the rendezvous, which does not mean that the tour will drag on. “I’m thinking about it. I have requests to continue, which could mean another year. I have to see if I will go in that direction, instead of undertaking another project, “notes Sylvain Cossette.