Personal experience: as I observed the preparations of the British for the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

News of the engagement to 33-year-old Prince Harry and a 36-year-old Megan Markle literally shook the whole world. Since it became known that the younger grandson of Queen Elizabeth II decided to tie the knot with the American actress had passed, perhaps a day that they once again have not written to the media. And even if in our country, this celebration has become one of the most discussed topics not only in networks, but even on TV, imagine that all this time was happening in the UK!

Imagine what is happening in London, where on Saturday Prince Harry and Megan Markle will tie the knot, do is extremely difficult. But thanks to our colleague, who recently returned from the capital of England, you will tell. As the whole Kingdom, being in joyful anticipation, is actively preparing for the celebration in our material on SPLETNIK.RU.


When I was planning my trip, I was waiting for the official date of the wedding, because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get into Windsor castle because of this. Although someone, on the contrary, would choose these days, as it is definitely an interesting experience to witness such an event is a dream of many.

I visited the chapel of St. George, which will host the wedding. She is open to the public (but will be closed tomorrow, may 17. — Approx. ed.). To photograph inside the Church can not (do not know whether it is connected directly with the wedding, or there is in principle prohibited photography), so, alas, to take pictures I could not.


Of course, the Church makes tourists even more interest than before, so the people there quite a lot. In this room there seemed larger. I would say that the chapel is calculated on 100 guests (the bride and groom, we recall, was invited to the ceremony, 600. — Approx. ed.).

I noticed on the tables with flowers and chairs, but did not understand whether it was already part of the training or the Church always looks. What I really struck — so it’s freshly painted walls and perfect cleanliness inside the chapel.

The Chapel Of Saint George

Cafes and restaurants

Of course, the event we prepare all retailers. Cafes offer visitors special dishes, cupcakes and drinks. For example, network Japanese fast food restaurant Itsu even made a separate set of sushi and rolls, which he called “When Harry met Megan”. In many pubs, which was decorated with flags of the United Kingdom, hang ads with calls to celebrate the event together.


Many big stores have rushed to get to its shelves the products released to the triumph, because this wedding is not only a joyful event but also an occasion to make money. For example, Fortnum & Mason, one of the most famous Department stores of London, you can buy a tea blend with mint grown in the US (on display even has a special installation with flower petals), and official commemorative porcelain collection and gifts created by Buckingham Palace. A packet of biscuits will cost £ 6 for a bottle of champagne will have to pay 16 pounds, and a mug for tea will need to fork out £ 25.

The city

London seemed very clean. I noticed that at the stations, paint the fences — preparation is in full swing. On Regent street flags, stretched down the whole street.

At the train station, Great Western Railway, where trains depart at Windsor, in early may hung announcement that everyone to see the wedding we planned our trip in advance. The train company advises to leave at four in the morning to catch the first train, and not in a hurry to get back home right after the ceremony in order to avoid large queues and crowding.

What I have noticed is that the places that sell Newspapers, covers many of the may editions is decorated with Meghan Markle.

By the way, when I left in London was excellent Sunny weather that the British capital phenomenon is not too frequent.

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