Pharmacies banned to hide more advantageous prices for medications

Аптекам запретили скрывать более выгодные цены на медпрепараты

Pharmacies banned to hide more advantageous prices for medications

Author: Natalia Osmolovskaya


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This week on Wednesday, October 10, the US President , Donald trump signed two bills passed by Congress last month almost unanimously, is “about knowing the lowest prices and on the prices of medicines for patients.” Their goal is to provide consumers a better price on medications. What does it mean? Now every American can learn from a pharmacist, it would be cheaper to buy a prescription medication not the insurance, and for cash.

Until now, pharmaceutical companies, and managers of insurance firms that service prescription drugs (Pharamacy Benefit Manager — PBM), at the conclusion of contracts with pharmacies used the so-called gag clauses — provisions on the disclosure of information to patients about what they can purchase prescription drugs at a lower price. By signing the contract with each pharmacy, a PBM negotiates the retail price of a particular drug, otpuskaya patients “insurance” and it is usually, much higher than that at which the drug is sold in the drugstore for cash.

As noted during the signing of the bills Donald trump, drug prices were “too high” partly because of these provisions. “Americans deserve to know the lowest price of medicines at the pharmacy”, — said the President of the United States.

The first bill comes into force since the signing and applies to those people who have contracts with private health insurers. The second will take effect from 1 January 2020 and for patients participating in the national health insurance scheme , Medicare (including Medicare Advantage).

It is noted that these bills will require that pharmacists are compulsory and on its own initiative informed the customers about the potential savings: such information they will need to provide, if the client asks about it.

Previously, we reported that the US President has announced a plan to reduce drug prices.

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