Philip showed new photos from his daughter’s birthday: children Pugacheva and Galkina, the daughter of the grooves among the guests

Alla Pugacheva Alla Victoria Kirkorov

51-year-old Philip continues to tell fans on the network, as noted by the birthday of his daughter Alla-Victoria. On 26 November she was seven years old, and on this occasion she, along with older sent friends an invitation to the feast. The invitation was a video filmed in the style of films about Harry Potter.

The story of a young wizard, invented by author JK Rowling, was inspired by the festival organizers. The children plunged into the world of wizardry and witchcraft, presenting themselves to be students of Hogwarts.

Lisa Galkin

Harry Galkin

Nadya Peskova and Alla Victoria Kirkorov

Alla Pugacheva came to the festival with her daughter Lisa and son Harry. Today Kirkorov reminded followers on the social network that it is in honor of the prima Donna of the Russian stage called his daughter.

As much as I wanted my Alla-Victoria grew up and lived a human life and the principles this great and luxury of the woman who sings, and even if a small Alla my life does not connect with music and art, the dignity, the sense of justice and respect for the people who goes through life with this Woman, named after my daughter, be an example for her in life, and these warm meeting with her, I’m sure she will remember and carry with you for life! — posted by Philip in Instagram.

Alla Pugacheva Alla Victoria Kirkorov

Alla Pugacheva with children

Philip with his daughter and guests

Nadya Peskova

Nadya Peskova with children Jasmine

Alla-Victoria and Martin Kirkorov

Philip Kirkorov and Andrey Malakhov with children

Martin Kirkorov

Daughter Ani Lorak and Alla Victoria Kirkorov

Alla Victoria Kirkorov


Alla Victoria Kirkorov

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