Philippe Etchebest: popular yellow Vests, he keeps his distance

Philippe Etchebest: apprécié des Gilets jaunes, il garde ses distances

The media chef Philippe Etchebest, in a portrait published in Liberation, a state of his feeling on the movement of the yellow Vests where it seems to be very appreciated. But the cook who is also in Top Chef on M6 emits reservations about the movement.

This is one of the information delivered in the portrait that made the Liberation of one of the “heads” the most well-known of the French: Philippe Etchebest is a particularly popular and appreciated in the yellow vests. But this love is not necessarily paid back as the imposing chef with a shaved head and white beard holds to mark a certain distance with the movement.

The one who judge the dishes young chefs in the show Top Chef on M6, do not lack to share moments with yellow Vests on roundabouts where the reception is obviously very warm. But if Philippe Etchebest admits,“we can say anything and claim” it states that it does“not accept violence”, or “fundamentalists” of whatever cause.

A position rather rare, most of the stars of the small or large screen, keeping good position on the subject, or, when they do so, they will skid easily enough, as the actor François berléand with his who had allowed him to go to a “they make me piss off the yellow Vests” last February.

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Philippe Etchebest is perhaps also to be in solidarity with the unfortunate event that has affected several of his fellow leaders, such as the looting and the burning of the restaurant Boco Vincent Ferniot the 8 last December in the margins of the procession in paris yellow Vests, or the two fires in January and February, the restaurant, The Amphytrion in Colomiers. Michelin-starred chef who was running it, Yannick Delpech, had made no secret of his hostility to the movement, posting messages denouncing the “small terrors complotistes, anarchists, racists, who sow disorder in the middle of a social movement”. The link between the perpetrators of these fires and the yellow Vests, however, is not confirmed by the investigation.

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