Philippe Etchebest was very moved when a candidate announces to him that she is the granddaughter of the famous Maïté

Philippe Etchebest très ému lorsqu’une candidate lui annonce qu'elle est la petite-fille de la célèbre Maïté

During the last episode of the show Goal Top Chef, Philippe Etchebest has received a young candidate came to try his luck. When she tells him who is his grand mother, the best worker of France is moved to tears.

Philippe Etchebest très ému lorsqu’une candidate lui annonce qu'elle est la petite-fille de la célèbre MaïtéTop chef 2017 : Etchebest, Trap, Darroze and Sarran we open the doors of their restosTop Head 2015 : everything is going to change !30 recipes for no more hunger in front of Top Chef !Top Chef : recipes fondant to poireauxTop Leader in 2017 : revenues of Franck, Julien and Jeremiah

The latter, he was not expecting it ! Every night since the 22nd of last October, several candidates come to try their luck in Goal on Top Chef alongside Philippe Etchebest, to become a member of his team in the show Top Chef. But this time, it is a candidate a little bit special, which is presented at the contest. When the coach of ramsay’s kitchen nightmares approach a certain Camille Ordonez to get acquainted with it, it understands very quickly that this is not a stove like the others.

In fact, Camille has 17 years old, she cooks for any small in the region of Rion-des-Landes near Dax and just get in the second year of the CAPE cuisine. Hardly the young woman she pronounced the name of the area that our michelin-starred chef has understood what a family is after Camille. “There was no a certain Maïté to Rion-des-Landes ?”, he asks. The teenager replied, ” yes.” “Maïté it is your grand mother ?”, lance Philippe Etchebest a voice very surprised to finally discover that this was indeed the case.

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The leader remains speechless in the face of this news and can’t hide her excitement. Camille smiled and explained to his coach that his grand-mother, Maïté, wanted him to address a few words to the help of a video message. “I hope you remember me because I, yes. I just wanted to make you a quick hello and good luck for the future, see you soon, Adishatz !”, which means goodbye in gascon. The star of Top Chef couldn’t believe his eyes and does not seem to find the words.

“The first show that I did, as a chef, it was with your grandmother !”, tells Philippe, “Incredible !” Vivid memories for cook, who launched his career in television there are more than twenty years. Today, with the presence of the grand-daughter of Maïté in her contest, the loop is closed.

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