Physicians are reminded about the main symptoms of heat stroke

Медики напомнили об основных симптомах теплового удара

Experts tell how to protect yourself from heat stroke.Forecasters reported that in the beginning of next week the temperature will rise another few degrees, and this means that the number of victims from the warm cob will grow.

Experts tell how to protect yourself from sun exposure and how to recognize the symptoms of heat stroke, according to the with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

Doctors have reported that the main symptoms of heat stroke are headache, shortness of breath, severe weakness, dizziness, vomiting, and increase in pressure. From sunstroke, heat is different because it can be obtained not only from prolonged exposure to the sun, but also from staying in a stuffy room or in a crowded transport.

Experts say that to get heat stroke and sometimes quite a few minutes. In order to protect yourself doctors recommend in hot weather not to consume coffee and alcohol, even in the evening.

In addition, the clothes you need to wear light, airy, natural fabrics, that will cover all parts of the body. Be sure to wear hats and hydrate the skin.

In order to maintain the balance with a need to carry a bottle of water. It can not only make life easier for its owner, but also can help to save someone else.

While relaxing near the water need to swim or to cool the skin with water, as an umbrella or hat is not able to protect them from heat stroke.

Overheating is dangerous for everyone, not only for those who have high blood pressure or heart problems. The effects of warm shock can be very dangerous, until the stroke.

Therefore, experts recommend not to consume alcohol on the beach and do sports in the open gym areas. Instead of water you can drink fruit drinks and fruit drinks.

If a person became ill, then followed him to sit, give water and clean wipes. If this does not help – to call an ambulance.

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