Picnics in Bryant Park | Free NY

Picnics in Bryant Park | Free NY

Author: Anastasia Bannikova

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Dive into the art in the heart of new York, and absolutely free? It is possible!

With the advent of heat in new York starts a lot of interesting and unique events. One of them — “Picnics in Bryant Park“, which lasts from late April to mid-September.

My acquaintance with this event began last Monday (may 14), when we with friends went to the Opera “Carmen”. I came for an hour, thought needs to take place. But most people initially settled on the grass, and chairs started to take only half an hour before the show. So it makes sense not to hurry up and come to the beginning.

Пикники в Брайант Парке | Бесплатный Нью-Йорк

When there are picnics and what they can see?

Weekly, and sometimes several times a week, you have the opportunity to attend without tickets and long queues from the best musical and dance performances, and Opera performances, as well as various master classes and workshops from leading figures of theatres in new York under the open sky.

Here you will be able to enjoy the performances Carnegie Hall with their incredible concerts: Brave Combo, Decoda, Locos Por Juana, Sinkane; to see Carmen, Madam Butterfly, The Crucible and The Barber of Seville from new York city Opera. And not only see, but also to learn the basics of ballet with artists from the American ballet theatre. And all this — absolutely free! As you can see, the event is truly massive, and it is simply unforgivable to miss.

Пикники в Брайант Парке | Бесплатный Нью-Йорк

Why are they called picnics and what I like?

Bryant Park looks like a large lawn, surrounded with tables and chairs, which, of course, is not always enough. Therefore, it is obvious that the best variant of placing — it-yourself lawn.

Don’t be afraid to freeze or get wet, because the organizers have taken care of this time by preparing 200 covers, which can be used absolutely free during the event. There are many stalls with street food and drinks, so ultimately, it looks like a mass picnic which will perform for you the best masters of their craft.

Here will not get bored! Moreover, the employees of the Park you can borrow various Board games and more that will allow you to have fun.

Пикники в Брайант Парке | Бесплатный Нью-Йорк

And as said the organizer of the picnic:

“Spread a blanket and enjoy the show!”.

Пикники в Брайант Парке | Бесплатный Нью-Йорк

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