Pierre Lavoie from Grinduro Devinci of Charlevoix

Pierre Lavoie will start the first edition of the Grinduro Devinci de Charlevoix on August 17th. Created in California in 2015, the event, which now has four stages, is defined by the discovery of unusual places.
“In Charlevoix, participants will have the chance to travel a hundred kilometers through the breathtaking landscapes left by the meteorite that fell 400 million years ago,” the organizers said in a statement, announcing the presence of the triathlete well known.

“I do a lot of cycling, of course, but I also like riding in the mountains at L’Anse-Saint-Jean. When I tried the gravel bike, which is a bit like a mix of both, the road style, but with wider tires inspired mountain bikes … wow! It gave me so many ideas, new roads to try … It’s crazy the potential. In the middle of nature in addition and far from the traffic. It really is to discover, “announces Pierre Lavoie.

For the Grinduro, only four sections of the 100 kilometers will be timed for the participants, which equals 18 kilometers. The rest of the course will be dedicated to the pleasure to ride with friends, to admire the landscapes … and the after-race. dave ainsley

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