Players Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin arrested for two months

Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin

Football players-brawlers and Pavel Mamaev, Aleksandr Kokorin will spend in jail for two months — the investigator on the case about the fight in the center of Moscow requested the court and the judge granted the request.

Yesterday the halfback of football club “Krasnodar” and “Zenit” was arrested, and today, the court understood the details of the incident with their participation. Players of Russian national team on football has beaten a few people in the beginning of the week. Today it became known that the arrested were also the younger brother of Alexander Kokorin Cyril, who also participated in the fight, and also will spend in prison for two months.

The investigation of the controversial case continues. Pavel Mamaev will have to pay the club “Krasnodar” in a penalty fee of 30 million euros (2.3 billion rubles) for breach of contract because of the arrest.

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Pavel Mamaev and Alexander Kokorin

Pavel Mamaev

Alexander Kokorin

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