Podkopayeva admitted as true to life Lorak in Russia

Подкопаева призналась, как относится к жизни Лорак в России

Lorak performs and lives in Russia despite the war.

The new heroine program Batman on channel 112 Ukraine was Lilia Podkopayeva, the famous Ukrainian gymnast, Olympic champion 1996, the year. During the conversation she admitted, as relates to the fact that her godmother Ani Lorak lives and works in Russia, despite the war, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to clutch.ua.

“Political manipulation can severely hurt the image. But political manipulation will never cease and will not harm the friendship. Carolina was, is and will be part of our family. This is a man who brings joy and emotion, leaving the scene. It is not only in Russian Federation but also around the world. This is the girl that sings in the Ukrainian language, this girl says about tradition. And I am happy that she talks about it with love. Not for show.

Manipulation and speculation are everywhere – both from this and from the other side. And distribution of hits by the man who, speaking about the Ukrainian artists, the highest rated, the most striking. Hit always hurts the one who shines brighter than all”, – explained his position Liliya Podkopayeva, who previously reported that the married businessman from United States.

Note that Ani Lorak is the godmother of daughter Lilia Podkopayeva. The girl was born 10 November 2006 and was named Carolina, in honor of the singer. Podkopaevu and lorac binds a close friendship. It Carolina, was a witness at the wedding of Lily with businessman Timofei Nagorny.

See a video in which Lilia Podkopayeva called Russia an aggressor country and spoke about the tour of Ani Lorak in Russia:

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