Police have arrested a woman severely beat a 91-year-old immigrant with a brick

Полиция арестовала женщину, жестоко избившую 91-летнего иммигранта кирпичом

Police have arrested a woman severely beat a 91-year-old immigrant with a brick

Author: Katerina Moskalets

Photo: twitter.com/zaswadosaze

Los Angeles Mexico United States

The woman who severely beat a 91-year-old immigrant with bricks, shouting: “go back to your country!“, was detained by law enforcement agencies Los Angeles.

Police identified her attacker as 30-year-old African-American woman will Lakisha Jones. She was charged in the beating Rodolfo Rodriguez – Mexican-immigrant and permanent resident of the United States and set bail in the amount of $200 thousand.

County Sheriff’s Department in Los Angeles said that this incident is unrelated to discrimination.

91-year-old man told what happened that night. According to Rodolfo, he walked towards the Park, passing by a mother with a child. Suddenly the woman hit him with a piece of concrete block.

Rodolfo said that at some point, the woman ran to the group of men and told them that he was trying to take away her daughter, so they joined her and started kicking him when he was lying in a pool of blood.

As a result of incident the man was broken ribs, jaw, cheekbones, and face to face with many bruises and wounds.

Misbel Borjas witnessed the incident. She drove past in his car, when he saw the woman knocked the man to the ground and began beating him.

I tried to help him, but the lady said, “If you come any closer I will hit your car in the same brick”, “–told the eyewitness reporters of the Washington Post words aggressive women.

Then Misbel took a picture of the mother of the girl and called 911.

However, after a few minutes the attack continued, the witness tells what is happening. A group of young people descended on the street, joined the woman after she accused the man trying to take her girl.

Why are you hitting me? a woman recalls the words of the elderly man who spoke Spanish. – Please go away“.

When the attackers fled, Mizell went to Rodolfo to help him.

It was awful, awful, awful, – says the woman. – On his head and face was a lot of blood“.

According to the grandson of the victim, Eric Mendoza, his whole family went outside to see the fireworks for independence Day, but his grandfather was nowhere to be seen. Later they learned about the horrific history.

I was in shock that someone shot one of my grandfather, – said a stunned grandson. – How can it hurt anyone? He is 91“.

Police are continuing the investigation into Rodolfo rodríguez and looking for a weapon that the crime was committed.

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