Pope urged to pray against global warming

Папа Римский призвал молиться против глобального потепления

The temperature in different parts of the world continues to grow.

Recently there was an interesting graph that shows all the regions with abnormally high temperatures this summer. As seen in the attached image, suffer almost all States, particularly the UK, in which even parched gardens and lawns, according to the Chronicle.info with reference to the news of the world.

Scientists can not accurately determine the cause of the abnormal weather, they just assume that you come from somewhere warm cyclones. Expressed my theory of warming is also the Pope. In the July speech, he said that if States do not take all possible measures to curb global warming – the Earth will turn into a pile of ashes, people have only to pray.

Some experts say that the heating of the earth due to the mantle. The molten liquid, so the Earth’s rotation (centrifugal force) the hotter the mass is concentrated near the equator and cooler at the poles. Because of this, stretching, the planet takes the shape of the geoid.

The mantle is a key constituent of the fusion reactor in the bowels of our planet, in which every minute there are some processes. This auxiliary source of heat and heats up the earth along with the Sun.

Папа Римский призвал молиться против глобального потепления

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