Popular low-cost airlines paid for the new rules of baggage transportation

Популярные лоукосты поплатились за новые правила перевозки багажа

The competition authority of the European Union has fined airlines Wizz Air and Ryanair, and the new rules of transportation of Luggage.

The amount of financial sanctions amounted to 1 million euros and 3 million euros respectively, writes the Italian edition Repubblica, pass Podrobnosti.ua.

Moreover, airlines will have within 60 days to take action in accordance with the decision of the Antimonopoly body.

The investigative proceedings were initiated against the budget of low-cost airlines in September 2018.

The competition authority of the European Union have concluded that a request for a variable allowance in the amount of from 5 to 25 euros for larger carry-on baggage (depending on different methods of purchase at the time of booking), both companies raised the price of the ticket opaque way, separating from the service rate is inevitable for almost all passengers.