Porsche 911 “spotted” on the extreme tests

Porsche 911 "засекли" на экстремальных тестах

Novelty sales in Europe start in early 2019.Porsche has announced the official premiere of the 911 sports car, the eighth generation under index 992 at the motor show in Los Angeles in late November. Novelty sales in Europe start in early 2019, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Autoblog.

Before entering the European market prototypes of the Porsche 911 will be the final stage of the test program, which began several months ago. The company has already tested the car in different climatic zones with temperature range up to 85 degrees Celsius, in conditions of change of height above sea level of more than four kilometers, the traffic of large cities and race tracks.

As reported the press service of the manufacturer’s testing program of the new Porsche 911 included operational tests on reliability under real loads, in which the test passed every vehicle. A hard test in different climatic conditions was not only the chassis and engine “dvuhdverki”, but the instruments, displays, driver assistance systems.

In the middle East and in the Valley of Death in the US, the testers checked the operation of the air conditioning system, temperature control, and the reaction of the internal components of the cabin (for example, occurrence of noise) in 50 degree heat. In Finland at -35 °C has focused on such areas as cold start, air conditioning, traction, control and braking behaviour and speed of reaction control systems related to the dynamics of the movement. The most rigorous phase of testing began the race on the Nurburgring race track in the Eifel mountains in Western Germany and 12.6-kilometer high-speed Nardo ring in Italy, where the main attention was paid not only to the high-speed characteristics, but also the cooling systems.

In Death Valley prototypes were about 90 meters below sea level, while in the Colorado mountains rose to a height of 4300 meters. It was a test for the engine and fuel system “dvuhdverki”. Equally important, the company believes the so-called daily test held on public roads in different cities of Germany. Total pre-production prototype Porsche 911 broke about 3 million test kilometers. Porsche 911 "засекли" на экстремальных тестах

Porsche 911 "засекли" на экстремальных тестах

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