Portugal and Spain is approaching a powerful hurricane

На Португалию и Испанию надвигается мощный ураган

In the Iberian Peninsula a hurricane “Leslie”Hurricane “Leslie” is rapidly coming to Portugal and Spain, are expected to be powerful showers, gusts of wind and heavy storm at sea, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to UKRINFORM.

“Hurricane “Leslie” is rapidly approaching in the direction of Portugal and Spain”, – stated in the message.

As reported by the national center for U.S. monitoring hurricanes, “Leslie” moving to the North-East at a speed of 61 km/h, the maximum wind speed is 120 km/h.

The storm of the first category recorded Wu 500 kilometres North-West of Lisbon.

It is expected that “Leslie” will cover the Azores and the Canary Islands and Madeira, before they moved on the Pyrenees.

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