Post-partum depression : scientists have just discovered a new risk factor

Dépression post-partum : des scientifiques viennent de découvrir un nouveau facteur de risque

A recent american study has just established a link between postpartum depression and pain experienced by the mother after childbirth.

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Postpartum depression could be linked to the pain experienced by the mother after childbirth : this is according to a recent study conducted by us researchers from Harvard Medical School in Boston (United States).

Their work, presented at the annual conference Anesthesiology, organized by theAmerican Society of Anesthesiologists, underline the importance of taking care of the pain after childbirth, which can sometimes be under-estimated.

Previous studies had already shown that the pain during labour in the delivery room, could increase the risk of post-partum depression, which is characterized by significant fatigue, a lack of joie de vivre, a lack of motivation and interest for his baby, an isolation suddenly, anxiety…

But this time, Dr. Jing Zhou, and his team, indicate that the pain experienced after childbirth may be factors of higher risk of post-partum depression.

“For many years, we take great care to manage pain during labor, but the pain of recovery after labour and delivery is often neglected”, said Dr Jing Zhou, the main author of the study.

“The results of our research suggest that it is important to help mothers manage the pain after the birth of the baby”, he continues.

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