Potapov and Oleg Vinnik recorded a duet (Video)

Потап и Олег Винник записали совместный дуэт (Видео)

Now the category of “molodyk vouching” will expand and the fans will be singing and dancing under a wedding anthem artists.

It seems that the conqueror of women’s hearts Oleg Vinnik decided to take to his “team” brutal Ukrainian rapper Potap.

Thus, the first joint song of Potapov and Oleg winnick, which was called “Best day” and the video for the track posted on YouTube on Thursday, September 13.The song became the soundtrack to the Comedy “Skujene wedding music”.

Potap and winnick also played a role in the film showman Yuri Gorbunov. Incidentally, it is strange that the newly formed Duo was joined by another actor for the upcoming movie and popular performer Monatik.

Winnick and Potap dedicate a new song composed by Alex, anyone who believes the wedding is the main day of life, and anyone who lives with romance in your heart, remember the date and sincerely celebrates the day of the wedding.

“After I saw the scene with Oleg in the film, immediately realized that being a Duo! We met, discussed it, and the next day cheerful, fun and “stagename” recorded the song in the Studio. In General, a unique situation when two different charismatic men meet on a film set: sing, dance and play musical instruments. The video turned out very beautiful!”, – said Potapov.

“I am very happy and satisfied that everything was so easy and fun. When you come together driving people who are on the same wavelength – there are real things that are called art. But the most important thing that unites us is our desire to carry the love!” – said Oleg Vinnik.

Recall the movie “Skujene wedding” to the big screen will be released on 4 October 2018, and immediately after the wide theatrical release of the television premiere of the Comedy will take place in the TV channel 1+1.

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