Premium birth of the CAF : everything that future parents need to know

Prime de naissance de la CAF : tout ce que les futurs parents doivent savoir

To meet the expenses related to the arrival of a child, the family allowance fund provides to all the future parents to receive a bonus of birth. Here is how to obtain it, the conditions of its payment and its amount.

Prime de naissance de la CAF : tout ce que les futurs parents doivent savoirCompatibility in love : what your birth date says about you…mittens naissanceQuelles aid for my work ?Preparation for birth : how are the courses held ?Port-wine stain : it has a birth mark

The premium to birth : a right for all

Taking birth fits into what is called the PAJE : prestation d’accueil du jeune child. To make the request should be sent to the CAF (family allowance fund) declaration form (cerfa 11423), and the form of resource statement (cerfa 10397). These two documents are provided with the record of declaration of pregnancy but you can also download on the website of the CAF. It is also necessary that this declaration of pregnancy has been made in good time, that is to say, before the 14th week of pregnancy. Not everyone can, however, not benefit from it, and the CAF is based, for the year 2017, the revenues of the year 2015.

  • In the case of a couple with two incomes and who are preparing to welcome his first child, the overall income of the household must not exceed 45 575 euros or 35872 euros in the case of a couple with a single salary.
  • For two children, the amount of resources must not exceed 52 044 euros for a couple with two incomes and 43 341 euros for a couple with only one income activity.

The amount of the premium of birth

The amount of the premium of birth is not indexed to income and is the same for all. Since 1 April 2013, in the amount of 923,08 euros for a child. She has not known increase since. The birth payment is assigned per child, and thus increases in the case of the arrival of twins or triplets. For a long time and paid from the 7th month of pregnancy, today it is paid after the birth and up to two months of the child, usually at the same time as the basic allowance of the PAJE.

The particular case of the premium to the adoption

As the premium of birth, the premium to the adoption granted in terms of resources (according to a scale identical) and is intended to help parents prepare for the coming of their child, under the age of 20 years. It is paid once when the child arrives in the home. It is then necessary to contact the FCA and send the application by adding the supporting of the decision you are confident the baby or child. As in the case of a baby bonus, it is obviously necessary to attach the statement of position and the statement of resources.

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