Prince George no longer wants to play with his sister Charlotte

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Five-year-old Prince George, which has all chances to become the future monarch of great Britain, after the celebration of their first anniversary will never be the same. In September of last year he started going to elementary school, and now the boy had other interests.

So he is no longer interested in playing with his younger sister, three year old Princess Charlotte.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte

A source close to the Royal family, told the publication People of the new period in the life of the little Prince. With the advent of younger brother, Louis, George became more serious and Mature.

He is very independent now and not interested in playing with Charlotte all the time. They are very close, but George likes to be alone and deal with their own Affairs,

— shared information source.

However, despite independence, the little Prince is still very shy: at official events George often gets embarrassed and hides from photographers behind his father, Prince William. But his sister Charlotte holds the hand of his mother Kate Middleton and behaves like a real Princess, including putting other adults at the scene.

George needs some time to develop, but once feeling comfortable in your company, in the future it will always be very talkative and charismatic in communicating with you,

— said the same source.

Prince George, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton

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