Prior to Christchurch, the other terrorist attacks of the extreme right

Avant Christchurch, les autres attentats terroristes d'extrême droite

The attack in Christchurch, aimed at two mosques in this city of New Zealand this Friday, 15, killed at least 49 victims. The alleged shooter, Brenton Tarrant, is known to be an extremist right-wing violent in Australia. Back on the other attacks of the extreme right in the world.

This Friday, New Zealand has suffered an attack that has killed at least 49 victims and of which the balance sheet is likely to rise. Two mosques have been targeted by (at least) a shooter, Brenton Tarrant.

This young man of 28 years is Australian. In his country, he is known to be an extremist right-wing and violent. This is not the first time that a terrorist attack is perpetrated by a suspect with the same profile in the world.

The most striking is undoubtedly that of Anders Breivik on 22 July 2011 in Norway. Then 31 years old, he had first committed a bomb attack in front of a government building in Oslo. Not less than 950 kg of explosives hidden in a pickup truck to explode and make eight dead.

The same day, the Norwegian has perpetrated a massacre of mass on the island of Utoya, where was a camp of the youth league of the labour party. This nationalist white, antiféministe, anti-islam and ultra-nationalist will kill then 69 people, most of them were young people.

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On the night of June 18, 2015 the shooting of the church of Charleston, South Carolina in the United States, has killed nine people. A young american boy, Dylann Roof wanted to “spark a race war” and attacked the church attended by the black community of the city.

The July 22, 2016, five years to the day after the terrorist attack of Anders Breivik, the German David Ali Sonboly enters a shopping centre in Munich and takes in the crowd. Nine people will find the death and 27 others will be injured by this man inspired by the terrorist Norwegian and devoting a hatred against the communities of Turkish and Arabic.

The January 29, 2017 in Quebec city, Canada, a young student, 27-year-old supporter of Donald trump and Marine Le Pen is guilty of an attack with a semi-automatic weapon in a mosque. Six people die and eight are injured.

The June 29, 2017 in Créteil, a man at the wheel of his 4×4 made several attempts to overthrow the faithful of the mosque to no avail. It will be finally stopped after taking the leak.

A few days later on the 12 August in Charlottesville, in the United States, a supremacist white commits a suicide car ram in the margins of a demonstration of the extreme right. James Alex Fields Junior, 20 years old, and an outspoken supremacist, is launching its drive to counter-demonstrators. It will cause the death of one person and injures 28 others.

The February 3, 2018, after the rape and murder of a young woman by three Nigerians, a former candidate of the far-right party the Northern League kills six migrants by ball so that it crosses the city of Macerata (Italy).

Finally, the last incident in the date committed by a suspect, the extreme right took place in Pittsburgh, in the United States. The October 27, 2018 the nationalist white Robert Bowert kill 11 jews during the shooting of the synagogue of Pittsburgh.

This list is focusing on the attacks perpetrated in recent years is of course non-exhaustive.

This Friday, shortly before 11am, the balance of the attack of Christchurch was 49 people were killed and 48 others injured.

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