Prior to his film on the Weinstein, Brian De Palma is preparing a history of murders with the Narcos






Brian De Palma will turn Sweet Revenge with Wagner Moura.

The latest film from Brian De Palma goes back to 2012. It was Passion, with Rachel McAdams and Noomi rapace. And if the wait has been long, the filmmaker is preparing to return soon.

There will be a first Domino, a thriller with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau filmed in Europe. De Palma recently spoke to a shoot more than complicated, and doubted even that kind in the rooms. There will then be Predator, the horror movie inspired by the case of Harvey Weinstein, as he announced a few weeks ago. But before that, there will also be Sweet Revenge.


De Palma on the set of Passion


The Hollywood Reporter announces that Brian De Palma has cast Wagner Moura, the interpreter of Pablo Escobar in the series Narcos also seen in a Troop of elite and Elysium, in a movie called Sweet Revenge.

The director of Carrie to the prom of the devil, Body Double and Scarface explained to the AFP being inspired by two true stories of murder : “For the past 30 or 40 years I have seen a lot of true stories of crime presented on television, as in the program 48 Hours. It interests me the way in which it tells these stories, so I’ll do it like they do on tv, taking inspiration from two real business”.

Without surprise, the director was more than a simple polar or thriller in mind.

The shooting of Sweet Revenge is expected to start in early 2019 in Uruguay.


Wagner Moura in Narcos

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