Producer humiliated Loboda Tina Karol

Продюсер Лободы унизила Тину Кароль

Natella Krapivina criticized the singer.

The producer of the scandalous Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda Natella Krapivina rigidly commented on the statements of the popular actress Tina Karol, who recently criticized the participation by ALEKSEEV in the contest “Eurovision” from Belarus, reports the with reference to

So, Carole said that her compatriot Nikita Alekseev (ALEKSEEV) was not supposed to represent Belarus at “Eurovision-2018”, as this is the citizens of the country. In turn Krapivina said in response that Carol so “just decided “to hypnoti”. She wrote about this on his page in Facebook.

Продюсер Лободы унизила Тину Кароль

Natella commented on the statements of Tina, which actively began to spread mass media. “I missed this topic. Aunt decided to hypenate! Well, when there’s no songs, there is only cheap chatter” – firmly said Krapivina, adding that she even felt bad for Tina Karol.

“What do you think can give her a good song? Maybe you will become kinder?” – ironically suggested the producer Loboda.

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