Promenade Mall in Vaughan waiting for major reconstruction (PHOTO)

Торговый центр Promenade Mall в Воне ждет крупная реконструкция (ФОТО)

Over the 32 years that have passed since the opening of the Promenade Mall on the street and Bathurst Street in Vaughan (Vaughan), changed the situation with the retailers and the demand for real estate. The bankruptcy of a major tenant Sears, which occupied nearly 20% of space shopping center in 2017 is another blow to the number of its potential visitors. Now, however, there was a proposal for redevelopment to create architectural unity, making the Mall both less focused on himself and more focused on visitors arriving on foot or by car, as well as introducing this new living space.

Shortly before the bankruptcy Sears this square acquired the property company Liberty Development, which is currently promoting plans for redevelopment and new development. The plan of the first phase have been submitted to the local authorities, provides for the modernization and expansion of the existing shopping centre, improvement of the conditions for the retail stores that rent space, and increase the number of potential buyers. While many of the changes are only superficial, the most important of them are associated with the construction of underground Parking instead of the one that now surrounds the area of the Mall.

Designed by WZMH Architects, the first phase of the plan also includes the creation of three high-rise residential buildings 28, 30 and 35 storey building and one 28-storey mixed-use with offices and a hotel, whose total area is 144 613 square meters. This will be carried 18 756 89 of 479 square metres of existing space in the southern and Eastern parts of the Mall and added 15 773 square meters of new retail space.

In the planned construction of three residential towers will be 1 066 apartments. The first two high-rises – 35 – and 30-storey – rise of the common six-storey podium, which will occupy the place once housed Sears. In total there will be 748 apartments. To the North of the current entrance to the Mall erected a third residential tower of 28 floors with 318 housing units. The building, which will house offices and a hotel, under the first set 24 of 392 square meters of space, and the second under − 15 203, which will be built 156 apartments for guests.

In addition, the district will improve the infrastructure. Landscape architects Schollen & Company developed the project safe pedestrian area at the facade facing Bathurst Street, an outdoor amphitheatre in the Western part of the territory, and more.

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