Proteins have turned a car of American in the stock cones

Белки превратили авто американца в склад шишек

In the car left a 23 kg of cones. Kelly Moore from Michigan, USA, noticed on the way to work, his car began to make strange noise. Opening the hood, he saw dozens of cones. According to estimates, their total weight was 23 kg, according to the with reference to a

The owner of the car Moore is confident that the bumps were in the car because of proteins, because the place under the hood.

“Comfortable and warm, lots of food. Quite practical to have such a socket, while it will not leave”, – says the owner of the car.

According to Kelly Moore, he bought a car recently, but when buying under the hood was nothing.

Due to the high temperature, some buds swelled. So the man spent 45 minutes to clean the machine.

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