“Protest moods” in Russia portrayed in the new cartoon

«Протестные настроения» в РФ изобразили на новой карикатуре

New work of Sergey Elkina.

Internet users were amused by the caricature of the famous Russian artist Sergey Elkina on protest moods in the Russian Federation, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to the Apostrophe.

The picture posted on the page “DW (Russian)” in Facebook.

“Sees something in the people, said the cartoonist Sergei Elkin,” reads the caption to the cartoon.

So, the picture shows a man in the store with a sign “Goods for the garden. For rebellion”.

It is worth noting that the caricature actively commenting on the network.

“Well, of course: people in several Russian cities saw free people. The effect of the war on 12-year. It is a pity that all those fans in Grozny has not arrived, that there would be a shock! Now think: why do we live?”, “Finnish axes good”, “the Picture is good, but not… not now,” they write on the Internet.

«Протестные настроения» в РФ изобразили на новой карикатуре

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