Published image of the concept cross-coupe Mercedes-Maybach

Опубликованы изображения концепта кросс-купе Mercedes-Maybach

It is called the Mercedes-Maybach Vision Crossover Concept.

Very little time has passed after presentation of crossover in the look of the sedan called the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury Concept, and we already have the next impressive concept designed by Daimler, reports the online edition of the with reference to

It is called the Mercedes-Maybach Crossover Concept and Vision created by the designer Dongwon Lee. The images are given a brief explanation, similar to the terms of reference for the artist: to create a concept based on the new style Maybach S-class, concept, Vision 6 and GLE Coupe. The result was a luxury model with a giant grille Maybach, massive “shoulders” of the wheel arches and aggressive silhouette.

The artist’s sketches do not show the interior, but, hypothetically, this car will have a landing formula 2+2 seats. Judging by the inscriptions on the drawings, the target audience of this car, the company sees “Golden youth”. No information about the plans of this project, the Mercedes-Maybach does not provide, however, the manufacturer plans to expand the range of models of the brand, so the appearance of such a car is quite possible in light of the high global demand for crossovers.

Опубликованы изображения концепта кросс-купе Mercedes-Maybach

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