“Pure poison” was named one of the worst health products

"Чистый яд": назван один из худших продуктов для здоровья

This product contains more than 80% saturated fat.Professor at Harvard and Director of the Director of the Institute for prophylaxis and epidemiology of oncological diseases of the University of Freiburg Karin Michels spoke about the dangers of eating coconut oil, which, she said, is “pure poison,” reports the Chronicle.info with reference to Comments.

Professor named coconut oil is one schudlich products. Oil, which is produced from coconut pulp, contains more than 80% saturated fat (two times more than bacon). It eating increases the content in the body of the so-called “bad cholesterol”, which increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease – heart attacks, strokes, and blockage of peripheral arteries. For vessels this product is more dangerous than fat – confident Michels.

Usually coconut oil is used in cosmetics and in the manufacture of soap. In the past this product has become very popular. It is used in food to improve digestion and regulate metabolic processes. Although conclusive evidence and research on its benefits to the body there.

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