Quadruped robot Skaterbot out on the ice in Switzerland (VIDEO)

Четвероногий робот Skaterbot вышел на лед в Швейцарии (ВИДЕО)

At the world economic forum in Davos was presented Skaterbot four — legged robot developed at ETH (Zurich). Instead of wheels that move already known the walkers, Skaterboy attached skates, writes National Geographic.

When the robot made the first moves on the ice, one of the spectators exclaimed, “I started exactly the same way!” misleading fakty.ua.

Skaterbot able to adapt to the surface and, thus, to learn to walk on her own.

The video shows that his feet develop move alternately then right, then left, allowing her to continue driving in slippery conditions. A few hours of training Skaterbot developed a gait where his feet are constantly turning right and left, creating a wave-like motion.