Quebec improves help for taxi drivers

While the grumbling of the taxi drivers does not seem to want to fade, the Minister of Transport, Francois Bonnardel, on Monday improved his offer, adding financial assistance which, with that already announced, is equivalent to the current cost of acquisition of permits.

The total assistance of the government would reach 814 million, according to the minister.

However, taxi drivers have not been slow to reject the new proposal with the back of their hand.

In a statement issued when Minister Bonnardel was preparing to speak, “the representatives of the taxi industry believe that the new proposal of the Minister of Transport, regarding compensation for the destruction of their industry, is Simply summarizes: the minister is improving his death benefit, but still wants to kill the Quebec taxi industry. ”

“The minister’s proposal amounts to saying that we will have better funerals, but that he will still kill the taxi industry to please Uber,” says Abdallah Homsy, spokesman for the taxi industry.

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