Raccoon stuck on the roof of a burning house, made a heroic leap (video)

Енот, застрявший на крыше горящего дома, совершил героический прыжок (видео)

Raccoon stuck on the roof of a burning house, made a heroic leap (video)

Author: Alina Dykman

Photo: Twitter

raccoon new Jersey

It’s been exactly a month since then, people from all over the world, with bated breath, watched as daring raccoon in the style of spider-Man climbs skyscraper in Minnesota.

Now he has a worthy competitor from new Jersey, however, this had not to creep up, and brave to jump down.

Today, July 13, occurred a fire in a private house on Delavan Street in new Brunswick (new Jersey).

For some reason, at this time on the roof of a burning house , sat the raccoon. In the video, filmed by eyewitnesses, visibly, like an animal desperately rushes around the roof trying to hide from the acrid smoke.

First the raccoon tried to slide off the roof but got scared and climbed back. A minute later he decided to get some satellite “dish”, but the smoke it took him.

After this brave raccoon made a heroic leap down to the roof of the first floor. Fortunately, judging by how fast he ran away after his jump, four-legged hero was not injured.

All this time the firemen tried to cope with fire, which managed to speak to a neighbouring house. About affected people were reported.

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