Rachel Graton, social worker in the soul

When she was younger, Rachel Graton took time to choose between drama studies and social work.

His six summers as an instructor in an outdoor base, with young people sometimes from underprivileged backgrounds, had made him catch the virus of psychoeducation. “I was transformed by these young people, some of whom were out of town, into the forest for the first time. They have an impressive resilience ability. Their naivety helps them to remain children, despite the difficult context in which they live. ”

The actress and playwright has finally opted for theater, but social work remains dear to her heart: she shares her life with a speaker who works in a youth center.

The two passions of Rachel Graton overlap in 21 , her most recent piece, presented from tonight at the Jean-Claude Germain room of the Center du Theater d’Adjourn’hui. She recounts the face-to-face encounter between Zoe, a teenager who is going through dark moments, and a woman near the breaking point, Sara. “The two women are at a pivotal moment in their lives. For them, it goes or it breaks. ”

In 21, basketball serves as a link between the 15-year-old teenager and his worker. The play is divided into 12 games, which correspond to the 12 sessions planned in the plan of intervention of the girl. But the contact between these two troubled beings will be more than a matter of balloon and basket. Sara like Zoe will come out changed.

“It’s impossible to stay impervious to young people like Zoe. Sara seeks meaning for what she does. She works in a very difficult environment, where the workers receive slaps in the face repeatedly. This is not obvious. ”

Marine Johnson plays Zoe. This is a first experience on stage for the actress we saw at the movies in The little girl who loved matches too much. “She had everything we were looking for. She is precise, hardworking and has the energy she needs. In addition, she plays really well in basketball! As for Sara, she is played by Isabelle Roy, an actress who has shot a lot with Wajdi Mouawad, among others.

The need to write

Rachel Graton signs with 21 her second play. The first, La nuit du 4 au 5 , won him the Gratien-Gélinas 2017 prize, awarded by the Fondation des Center Dramatic Authors. An adaptation for the cinema is also under construction. The playwright is currently working on another piece project, a short film and a novel. She also collaborated on the writing of the play Strinberg at Espace Go.

Writing has always been part of the life of the actress, who has had a busy year in 2018, both on TV ( Facts, The Simone and The Invisibles ) and in the theater ( Bilan , TNM) and the cinema. ( Denis Côté’s repertoire of missing cities .) In this whirlwind (plus the birth of her first child a year and a half ago), she has kept a place to write.

“As a child, I wanted to become a writer, like Jo in the movie Dr. March’s Four Girls ,” laughs the actress. When I left the National Theater School, I needed to write. Its important to me. But it’s not easy to find the time, between rehearsals, filming, dubbing and the baby. As soon as I have a 1, or 15 minutes, I write. I do not have a choice. However, I feel like I have more room in my life for writing. I have to make room in my agenda for that … What really interests me in theatrical writing is the form, the way to approach a story. ”

Today, it is through basketball that his characters are revealed. Tomorrow, she says, it may be through an absurd and crazy play. Rachel Graton, the playwright, does not want a mold in which to be confined …