Rachel McAdams was first told about motherhood

Rachel McAdams

Nearly eight months after the birth of first child 40-year-old Rachel McAdams has finally decided to share my emotions concerning motherhood and spoke about the new life she had never known before.

This is the best thing that ever happened to me. People say that your life ceases to be yours, but I lived 39 years, I was sick myself, and now I’m glad I can focus on someone else,

she said the other day edition of the Sunday Times.

The actress added that waited a long time before becoming a mother. But as they say, all the time.

I didn’t want to do until the right time

said McAdams.

To advertise your child’s life, she is not going and try to surround it from public attention.

I want his life private, even if my one is not. But I want to say that being a mom is a lot of fun. All interesting, exciting and inspiring. Even heavy days have something nice and charming,

— she concluded.

Recall that the actress and her 38-year-old boyfriend Jamie Linden was born child, became known in April. When exactly the baby was born, not reported so far. Also there is no information about how the couple named their son. However, given the fact that the actress always tried to keep my private life private (about her pregnancy, the public learned only a couple of months before childbirth), it is not surprising.

Rachel McAdams
Jamie Linden

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