Rafting on the Red River: Hydro-Quebec favorable to maintaining access

Criticized by environmental groups and the rafting industry, Hydro-Quebec announces its intention to maintain public access to the Red River.

“Hydro-Quebec recognizes the importance of the rafting sector that developed on the Red River more than thirty years ago. By giving access to her properties, she participated in the development of a hobby prized by many Quebecers, “said the company in a statement sent Friday afternoon.

“We have every intention of maintaining access to the river for the people and the rafting companies. We want to quickly reach an agreement to ensure that rafting continues on the Red River. ”

The project to sell the Red River Corridor, a 4.7 square kilometer lot of high ecological value, is still moving forward.

“Hydro-Quebec aims to sell all the properties it no longer needs, at their fair market value, and thus generate wealth for all Quebecois.”

Hydro-Quebec’s decision to sell the Red River corridor provoked an outcry. Fondation Rivieres and singer Paul Piche have written to Premier Francois Legault to denounce the project.

They are asking the Quebec government to prevent the sale of the Red River corridor and to invest the necessary amounts for its protection

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