Railway accidents increase by 21% in 2017

The number of rail accidents increased in 2017, compared to 2016, while aviation and marine accidents are down.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) released preliminary statistics on transportation accidents on Tuesday morning. In the spring, a more detailed analysis of these numbers will be provided by the TSB.

In the meantime, there were 1090 rail accidents in 2017, 21 percent more than in 2016. But the number of accidents of the year just ended is in line with the five-year average. which is 1028.

Marine accidents, for their part, have fallen by 10 per cent compared to 2016. But again, the number – 276 accidents in 2017 – is comparable to the five-year average of 284.

There were 239 aviation accidents in 2017. In this sector, the number of accidents has been on the decline for five years. The five-year average is 259.

The TSB records incidents in another column. The bureau notes that there were 921 aeronautical incidents in 2017, including the first collision between a commercial aircraft and a drone.

Finally, pipeline transportation is also monitored by the TSB. In 2017, there were 125 events, five accidents and 120 incidents. Of all these events, 72 resulted in a rejection of the pipe body. And there was an accident that led to a serious injury, the first since 2012.

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