Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares : Philippe Etchebest moved to tears in the face of a couple desperate

Cauchemar en cuisine : Philippe Etchebest ému aux larmes face à un couple désespéré

This Monday, December 10, a episode particularly moving to ramsay’s kitchen nightmares will be broadcast on M6.

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Usually, Philippe Etchebest does not impress. However, this Monday, December 10, you’ll see that the head moved like never before. For the fiftieth episode of the tv show ramsay’s kitchen nightmares, M6 introduces us to Elodie and Allan. They are both the parents of five children. And unfortunately, the couple of restaurateurs is in a catastrophic financial situation.

In question ? An accident that forced Allan to stay at rest. The poor man has injured both ankles. Can’t do much of anything, Allan has quickly culpabilisé, to the great misfortune of his girlfriend Elodie. “My husband feels so useless. Every day he said to me, ‘are you going out, you’ll find a better, look at what I am now,” she says in tears.

In the Face of these confessions, Philippe Etchebest was not able to be of marble. “Damn, I’m speechless. I have to have to impress me. What a story it is crazy ! You are an example of courage which is just incredible,” said michelin-starred chef. As Elodie and Allan are united both on a professional and personal level. A story that, surely, is not dissimilar to Philippe Etchebest its own history.

With his wife Dominique, it is a love that lasts since the 1990s. Even if this last is inconspicuous in the media, her husband Philippe Etchebest heaps praise on his wife. As he put it, for example, to Gala that she was the real boss at home : “It is my wife who manages. In everyday life, it is she who cooks, I don’t have my word to say. Moreover, it is she who has asked me in marriage !”

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