Raped by the companion of his grand-mother, 11 year old girl gave birth by caesarean section

Violée par le compagnon de sa grand-mère, une fillette de 11 ans accouche par césarienne

An 11 year old girl got pregnant in Argentina after having been raped by the companion of his grand-mother.

The victim has filed a complaint for rape and wanted an abortion.

Legislation in Argentina allows abortion in cases of sexual abuse or danger to the mother.

But she was not able to do so because it was taken over seven weeks after the time period allowed and because of the doctors invoked conscientious objection.

At 23 weeks of pregnancy, the doctors felt that the girl was in danger, and have to give birth by caesarean section.

The fetus of five months, was extracted alive from the womb of his mother, but his chances of survival are almost zero.