Rapidly melting ice of Greenland – a danger to the rest of the world

Быстро тающий лед Гренландии - опасность для всего остального мира

Melting glaciers of the largest island on the planet paint a bleak picture of what will happen if the United States and the rest of the world to adequately respond to climate change.

Greenland is a place where the refrigerator door is left open for the Land, the glaciers are being depleted and the seas begin to rise. A scientist from new York University dedicated to the study of air and ocean, David Holland (David Holland), which monitors the status of Greenland, refers to the melting of the ice “end of the world.”

This summer was a record-hot on the island, which makes an extreme reduction in ice. Scientists estimate that by the end of summer about 440 billion tons drained with a giant ice sheets of Greenland into the oceans. This is enough to flood the PA or Greece at a depth of about 35 centimeters.

Just five days from 31 July to 3 August, more than 58 billion tons glaciers melted and left in the sea. It is 40 billion tons more than the average for this time of year.