Rare out: Eva Mendes in impeccable way and I attended a presentation in new York

Eva Mendes

Unlike some celebrities, who many already namozolil eyes and fall into a photo almost every day, 44-year-old Eva Mendes stand a pause between outputs (or very well encrypted from the paparazzi). But the actress and model had a very good reason to appear in front of cameras, on 13 September in new York held a show of New York & Company, for which eve for five years now creates collections.

Eva Mendes

On the show mother of two children (daughters star gave birth to Ryan Gosling, the couple, together since 2011) came in a cream costume in the cage of an elongated jacket and MIDI skirt. On top of the jacket Mendes wore a belt with a trendy leopard print, and tone to it picked up the shoes with the same pattern on the high heel. Like Blake lively, the actress managed to collect almost perfect autumn bow. Animal print, cell, belt over clothing — combo, as told to the network users!

Greg Scott (CEO New York&Co.) and Eva Mendes

On the catwalk the company Mendes made an unusual “model” — to the public, a celebrity came out with a dog on a leash. From their favorite bands on the head Eva refused star prefer long hair, but a silk handkerchief showed her four-legged friend.

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